Ever have those moments when you feel like you’re doing something life-purpose-right?

Well, I’ll be honest when I say that making music is not my life purpose. But before anyone tries to console me about what I just said, know that there’s no need. Thus, this post.

In recent months, I’ve begun to understand more deeply that what we do is not nearly as important as the mindset in which we do it. (I thought I knew this. But a lifestyle of growth always shows more.) Keeping the right mindset then frees us to be creative and expressive because we’re not hyper-focused on approval. And so we heal, or rather “return.”

The trees and the birds reminded me this morning, of a time when I was honored to help lead others in meditative singing. Oh boy was I comparatively weird to everyone else! I mean, I swayed like the trees and expressed like the wind – indoors.

But is that weird? No. It is not. It is actually how we connect with our home, our Earth, our surroundings. It is how we blend in – in the most truthful sense!

But a funny conversation arose during those times years ago, regarding my “unconventional motions.” It was jokingly said that I look like a fool, so that others would feel more free to open up. Surely, they could not be embarrassed about how they dance and sing if I’m swaying all over the place right? They could not possibly look as wild as me.



This is my purpose, actually. It’s one. I gladly do it and admit that it can be really fun.

I think that we get some strange ideas about what inspiration has to look like. There are some times when it has to look professional in the traditional sense. But I think I’m going to be escaping the need to conform to that criteria in this life!


There was a time when I wouldn’t even play my drum if someone else was home. But I’ve learned that singing or vocalizing, music, and other arts are very instrumental in my expression and wellness. I will gladly share it for the purpose of inspiring anyone who may still be a little uncomfortable with themselves.

So tell me… what do you need to do for purposeful expression? It’s got to be something that makes you feel exactly the way you should be. What’s your purpose-fun?


Published by The Earth Intern

Shamanic Life, Cognitive Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

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