Siren Immersion

Nothing happened. This is not a situation post. This is about the first thoughts and the first emotions that we experience when hit with stimuli.

I live right near The Garden State Parkway. If I don’t hear engines, honking, and sirens for a few hours, I think something might be wrong out there. So I take a peek out the window.

Sometimes the sounds out there remind me of things. Three years after Covid-19 officially “hit” the US, I recall the emotions associated with all the extra ambulances with sirens blaring, zooming up and down that road to get respiratory patients to the hospitals. (You tend to really notice those things when you live near a main roadway.)

The sound was terrifying. For a while, the sound meant terror. It meant that something really scary and mysterious was going down because we all knew very little about the virus.

But, there is more than one truth isn’t there?

The other truth is that the sound of sirens means that caring was active and help was on the way.

As usual, I processed this while in the trees (and this time while staring into said roadway too). Then all of a sudden, I was less fearful. Help was literally everywhere, zooming up and down roads, and in helicopters headed to the helipad – which is also near me.

It was beautiful to experience an immersion of this truth. It was more “real” than the terror of virus, and this reality I wish for everyone or I wouldn’t bother with this blog!

Nobody wants scary stuff. But when scary stuff can’t seem to be avoided, there is always an additional truth that really should not be avoided!

That truth, the one of goodness and inspiration, has the ability to remind-us-back into being whole and well, or into being better than we would be if our focus was only on the scary stuff.

Scary things need attention. Thus heroes in ambulances.

And… we don’t have to allow our focus to end on the scary stuff. The scary stuff is not the end of the experience, unless we give it permission to be the end.

FYI: The photo used in this post looks so “alarming.” It is actually Santa on a firetruck in the 2022 Toms River (New Jersey) Halloween Parade. I just thought it “worked.”


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