Divining in Nature

A Post About Connecting with the Direction of Mother Earth – Especially for the Beginner (Who May or Nay Not Be Interested in Shamanism)

Years before I realized my own life-long connection to shamanism, I wrote up a little take-along guide for understanding one’s ability to “sense” for personal development while out in Nature. I have since changed very little of what’s written in this take-along. I thought to share it as a take-along post.

Not everyone will take up a shamanic path in this lifetime. But there are still a whole lot of Nature lovers out there who might like to exercise their range of natural ability for “listening to” Nature’s wisdom. This can be done with instinct, some knowledge of untapped natural ability, and some tips from cognitive mindfulness.

Below I explain what is meant by Nature Divination, a short explanation of psychic ability and the ways we “hear,” and safe practice in deciphering messages through a safe and mindful filter for personal development.

I hope you find this useful. Please let me know!

Divining Nature

A Field Guide for Growing Your Natural Ability (orig2018)

The Sum of the Practice: Don’t make it harder than it is. Don’t “try” to receive. Just pay attention to what you hear (see, or sense, etc.)

To Divine Is: To seek an answer from The Divine. Divination is the act of seeking an answer from The Divine. (Think of the many ways people do this, including prayer. It’s more common than uncommon, even if Nature is what is described as The Divine or as a messenger “of”.)

Intention/Purpose Tips: Nature is easiest to receive when we simply intend to love and appreciate it. It already knows what we need to understand and when we will understand. Don’t “try.” Be.

Bring your questions and concerns, but then turn to only examining and appreciating the sensory aspects of your surroundings or an element in your surroundings that you’re drawn to. (Just like the give & take conversation in any other relationship, give your attention.)

The Ways We Receive ( or Hear): People receive in different ways. It is important not to expect information to come in any particular way, but instead to observe whatever comes, then focus on that. For example: If you watch for a visible sign, you may miss an auditory sign. Drop all expectations, and be open and observant.

Psychic (meaning imparted without words) categories are listed for you on the next page, so you can understand the many ways we receive. Think of “psychic” to be like the connection you have with a close friend, when you can communicate with just a look.

Wisdom & Knowledge “Layaway”: Journal (or even photograph) your observations, even if you think you have not succeeded. Divination is the same in a way as dreams and other impartations. Wisdom and knowledge often unfold over time as we grow spiritually and as our understanding grows.

Did you know that sometimes, you are meant to not understand… yet? Higher Knowledge will often teach you how to know when you are hearing from it and when you are only hearing your own mind (assumptions, wishes). It will give you plenty of experience in both, so that you will learn to decipher the difference and trust when you’re hearing from The Divine (Consciousness, God, Goddess, Oneness, Universe, etc.).

So, know that you have never failed! Trust takes time.

Safety Tips / Using Mindful Filter: If you’ve ever attended diverse spiritual groups, interfaith or interspiritual groups, you likely will have found that people of all beliefs and/or non-religious ethics can meditate, pray, or divine in their own ways and come to the same conclusions.

Personal growth conclusions should not involve hurting oneself or others and should not promote separation of creation/peoples.

Conclusions (wisdom & knowledge) consider unity and what’s good for one and All. You can understand more about why it can seem like higher power calls for separations by understanding that Nature will challenge you at times to make the “good” decision. It is part of trust building.

Psychic Categories (Ways We Receive): You may have one or more abilities. “Clair” means clear. Take a look at “The Clairs.”

Clairvoyance: Use of Third Eye. You are likely to see visual messages and signs in your head. (Clear Seeing)

Clairaudience: Think of an audience listening. You are likely to hear messages inside your head. (Clear Hearing)

Clairsentience: You sense (inside the body, not outside) or have a strong gut-feeling that rings with truth. Sometimes you’ll know that you should or shouldn’t (like a warning) do something, but you’ll have no explanation for the knowledge. (Clear Sensing/Feeling)

Claircognizance: Info downloads to your mind, quickly. You may pick-up on feelings, knowledge, even words like an automatic download of information having no other sensory aspect. You may feel like an all-of-a sudden expert, or sometimes say, “I don’t know how I know this!” or “These words just came from my mouth like someone else was speaking for me.” (Clear Knowing)

Clairtangency also Psychometry: You sense (outside the body, not inside) when handling or touching an object. You may know its history or the history of an owner, for example. (Clear Touching) Don’t touch poisonous plants!

Clairgustance: Please don’t taste random things in Nature. But you may have a taste in your mouth for no apparent reason, which imparts knowledge, because you are clairgustant. (Clear Tasting)

Clairscent: You will smell smells which impart information. (Clear Smelling)

Use common sense when in Nature. Do not touch, sniff, nor eat plants unless you know that you can and should. Visit your local interpretive center for information about species in your area.

Let me know what you found to be most interesting, or let me know about your own experience and technique!


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