Boots from Grim

I didn’t know I needed them. I had been wearing shoes that were too tight, shoes that were too big… Heck, I even wore flip-flops in the snow. My feet became tired, and my legs became tired. And when my back became tired, so did my will.

I didn’t want to walk anymore.

But then The Grim Reaper just popped up out of the… well out of the… It wasn’t actually dark. Dark would sound more dramatic. But The Grim Reaper popped out of the dusk.

“What?!” I yelled because he wasn’t going away. He was just standing there.

“Put… your… boots… on.”

He told me to put the boots on, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I mean, it was really snowing and the stuff was getting deep out there. I guess sometimes when pain goes too long, it’s hard to think. But cool. So I did that.

Well, sometimes I took them off because I just wasn’t used to walking in them. I was kind of self-conscious because they were really nice boots.
I didn’t feel as nice as the boots. Ya know?

But whenever I took them off, I remembered real quick that it felt better having them on. And, I could actually go places.

So once I got used to how good my feet felt, and how good my legs felt because of my feet, and how good my back felt and… Well I seemed to have had some clarity.
I suddenly realized that I didn’t have to just walk around my town anymore and stay close to home to rest my feet.

So I went with my new boots to places that other people dare not go. I tell you truly, many dare not go.

I suppose that’s the reason why none of those people ever offered me
the right kind of boots.

Based on True


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Shamanic Life, Cognitive Mindfulness Practitioner, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

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