Exalt the Barriers

from a partial shamanic state of consciousness

First, for those who are unfamiliar, we all naturally experience states of consciousness. In shamanism, there is what’s understood to be a deep shamanic state of consciousness, and partial states of consciousness.

There are levels of shamanic perception.

I am currently writing a book which will explain more, and I’m loving this partnership with the spirits. Can’t wait to share it. But for now, here is a post about partial-shamanic-state insight from The Sky. Though I practice personal shamanism for self healing, many times there are messages that might be great for all of us. I think this is one of those beautiful messages.

I made my rounds with The Directions, asking what I needed to know to be my best self – long term. They all gave incredible insight. But Sky’s message is the one that I most often find myself bringing up on an almost daily basis.

I immediately saw mammatocumulus clouds when calling to Sky, and I immediately heard, “Exalt the barriers.” (Exalt means to highly regard.) I did not immediately understand the message. It’s not uncommon for me to need to take a jaunt out in Nature with an intention to unravel a message. So I went out to a tiny beach. It would have it that when I was able to take my jaunt, almost-mammatocumulus clouds were there, and I was able to connect with them and understand.

Almost-Mammatus Clouds LOL at Island Heights, Toms River, NJ

Mammatocumulus (or mammatus) clouds appear on the underside of a storm. While they are only a visual barrier in ordinary life, not protection from a storm, they are symbolic of the barriers that I might think are holding me back. Often times, the things that hold me back are the very things that are protecting me from costly or time-consuming mistakes.

For instance, I might greatly desire to spend a morning in Zen meditation. But due to schedule changes, other animated and kind of loud family members are going to be home. This scenario used to annoy the heck out of me. It is a barrier. It might seem like a small and insignificant barrier. But even when seemingly small and insignificant desires are blocked, they may be blocked to prevent bigger issues. If I had turned off my phone to engage in hours of quiet meditation, I may not have answered that emergency phone call! There could have been trouble for more people than just me.

But barriers don’t only exist outside of me (and us) and apply to things we want to do. Sometimes there’s a veil blocking me from understanding something. This too is for good reason. What damage can be caused with knowledge before wisdom sets in! Yikes.

Anyway, the trust that comes with the practice of personal shamanism is the strongest trust that I have ever known. Every time I engage with intention, the trust builds. It doesn’t matter how many times another human being has said to me, “when one door closes another opens” or “trust that you have what you need right now” etc. The advice that finally made an impact was Exalt the Barriers. This is because the trust is there. I know, I know, I know that The Directions and my spirit tribe have my back. When something doesn’t seem to be going my way, the lesson is now solidified in my head…

I don’t know what’s on the other side of the barrier. This side is probably the better option.

I know that they know what I don’t know! And I understand that whatever is allowed to happen (when I relax, trust, and partner with them by exalting the barriers) is better than what might happen if I don’t.

Who knows what might be on the other side of those mammatocumulus clouds? The barrier is a beautiful and compassionate sight. And life has changed again. 🙂


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