“Riding” Fearless Expression to Healing

A post about the simplicity and normality of spirituality and the personal power that accompanies expressive freedom. Link to video included. I first want to tell you that there was a time when I would not bang a drum – even if no one else was home. I was closed up, oppressed, and afraid becauseContinue reading ““Riding” Fearless Expression to Healing”

Your Voice Isn’t All About Speaking

We were talking about skipping in public. 🙂 I’m in! what’s a metaphorical voice, and how can you exercise using it? more than just speaking your truth. It’s more than overcoming fears of public speaking. It’s more than working on good communication. Yet… all those things can certainly improve quickly by knowing this!We’ll take a lesson from the throat chakra

A Spring Soul-Soup Recipe

Spring dinner celebration as colorful and light. But it’s even more than that. When celebrating renewal, I’d like to have food that is both nourishing and energizing – food that signifies the excitement and optimism of beginnings rather than the Texture is a big part of this soup, especially if you will be eating it same-day. With a flavor similar to won ton soup, the main flavor contributors are from leeks and green onion, miso, ginger, soy sauce, and then a bit of carrot. I add marin..