“Riding” Fearless Expression to Healing

A post about the simplicity and normality of spirituality and the personal power that accompanies expressive freedom. Link to video included.

I first want to tell you that there was a time when I would not bang a drum – even if no one else was home. I was closed up, oppressed, and afraid because I had believed lies about myself. I believed that I should reduce my own expression down to null and make no ripples in life, have no signature, and leave no trace of my personality or creativity. It was almost as if I thought that my sounds would cause an influx of negative consequences. For whatever reason people feel comfortable telling me things, I’ve learned that I’m not the only person who has experienced this, and that’s why I’m sharing this drumming video (and probably a lot more things to come).

If I can do it and share it, I’m certain that you can get out of your metaphorical expression oppression closet.

About the Video

In this particular video, I sought to return to a place from the previous night’s dream. It was a Big Dream. Big Dream is a term for a healing dream, a shamanic dream, or a symbolic message-dream, or even a warning dream or an instructional (how-to) dream.

(FYI: You might be interested in my Books page if you want to learn more about entities in altered states, which includes dreams.)

Fearless expression is what we “ride” into our healing when we seek it for ourselves. There was a healing message in my dream. I rode my drum (in shamanism it’s often referred to as a horse) to get a clearer image of the symbolism. If I was the type to wish for anything in the past to be different, I’d probably wish that I understood fearless expression past the age of 10.

Normally, when I drum into a semi-altered state of consciousness, I follow any leads to walk around, to stand on a chair, to dance, etc. Since I don’t possess a camera that would have tracked all that, I stayed in one general area, which was a little hard. But I did stand on furniture a couple of times. lol

If you watch the whole thing, you’ll hear that the beat changes. When comfortable enough to drum without thinking about how well you’re doing it, the beat and your state of consciousness will change – together. There is a point in which I sit because I’m “there” looking at that dream spot more closely.

As with any type of meditation and intentional change in consciousness, there should always be a beginning, a middle, and an end. The end is when you reacclimate yourself to your earthly surrounds.

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