Shamanism & Hollow Bone

I wrote this because I’m pleasantly surprised at the interest that my home community is taking in shamanism. Not only is this exciting for me, but I’m hearing amazing new stories as well! It came up though, that not everyone who has had experience with shamanism knows that it is first and most importantly –Continue reading “Shamanism & Hollow Bone”

“Riding” Fearless Expression to Healing

A post about the simplicity and normality of spirituality and the personal power that accompanies expressive freedom. Link to video included. I first want to tell you that there was a time when I would not bang a drum – even if no one else was home. I was closed up, oppressed, and afraid becauseContinue reading ““Riding” Fearless Expression to Healing”

Your Voice Isn’t All About Speaking

We were talking about skipping in public. 🙂 I’m in! what’s a metaphorical voice, and how can you exercise using it? more than just speaking your truth. It’s more than overcoming fears of public speaking. It’s more than working on good communication. Yet… all those things can certainly improve quickly by knowing this!We’ll take a lesson from the throat chakra

Excerpts from The Lightning Project

sample.. Writings on Personal Shamanism by Sue George Shamanism includes the highest form of natural perception, a window into that perception, and the things that we perceive. It is also the trust-built partnership via altered states, between the practitioner and their helping spirits and the unique expression of the practitioner’s practice.